We actively participate in and present at international platforms  and conferences

on issues of child labour, child rights, and business and human rights.  We are particularly actively involved with:

Alliance 8.7

-ACE as partner organization -

Global March Against Child Labour

- ACE as Board Member -

Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation

Child Labor Coalition




C20 JAPAN 2019

As a member of the C20's Working Group of Employment and Business and Human Rights, we advocated to G20 to take concrete steps to eradicate child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and modern slavery, and promote transparency in global supply chains and human rights due diligence in business. ACE President, Yuka Iwatsuki, as acting chair of the C20, presented the C20 2019 Policy Pack which included the above recommendations, to Prime Minister Abe in April 2019, prior to the C20 Summit meeting.


Leading up to the main summits, ACE organized the SDG 8.7 Dialogues, advocating for the elimination of child labour to be included in the outcome documents. The dialogues were attended by representatives from 12 countries, including Argentina and the U.S., and international bodies including the EU, ILO, and OECD, as well as government officials of the Working Group for Labour and Employment. 


CLCCG 2019, Cote D'Ivoire

(Coordinating Group for the Elimination of Child Labour in the Cocoa Industry)


ACE Managing Director Tomoko Shiroki and Ghana Project Manager Akira Kondo attended the annual meeting of the CLCCG. The platform is made up of the governments of the world's first and second largest cocoa producers, the Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana, the U.S. Department of Labour, and the chocolate and cocoa industry. 


We presented our initiatives to solve child labour issues in the supply chain through close collaboration between Ghana and Japan, cacao producers, confectionary companies and consumers. 

Read more about our collaboration with the Ghanaian government  and our SMILE Ghana Community project.


International Conference on Sustainable Brands 2019, Tokyo

The Sustainable Brands conference is the largest international event for those seeking to achieve sustainable business. Companies and organisations showcased their own  models and ideas, and participants also actively exchanged ideas. Advocates of cross-sector collaboration proposed linking SDGs initiatives to corporate value enhancement, and called for stakeholder-wide collaboration


ACE Managing Director Tomoko Shiroki presented in  two of the sessions on Sustainable Procurement and Human Rights, including "The Forefront of Collaboration between Companies and NGOs! The Challenge of Changing the World starting with the Elimination of Child Labour".

Tomoko Shiroki also presented at a session at the 2020 conference on cross-sector collaboration in solving issues of business and human rights:


We make policy recommendations to the Japanese government by organizing seminars for members of parliament, facilitating meetings with officials of relevant government ministries and agencies, and participating in cross-sector networks.





(Stop Child Labour Network)

- ACE as Secretariat-



The Stop Child Labour Network is a Japanese network of organizations established in 2004, that share our mission to realise a world without child labour through advocacy and awareness-raising. Made up of 17 members, including NGOs and trade unions, it conducts the “STOP! Child Labour Campaign” around the World Day against Child Labour (June 12). It also collects signatures nationwide for petitions to the Japanese government, which is submitted to the relevant government agencies.

JANIC (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation)

-ACE as Board Member-

Business and Human Rights Civil Society Platform

- ACE as Steering Committee Member-

Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs 

GPeVAC (Global Partnership to End Violence against Children) Japan Forum

JNATIP (Japan Network Against Trafficking In Persons)

Japan NGO Liaison Group for TICAD

DEAR (Development Education Association and Resource Center)

JNNE (Japan NGO Network for Education)

CL-Net hands petition to the State Minister for Foreign Affairs



August 24, 2021                Contributed to the formulation of the National Action Plan on Violence against Children by

                                                   making comments to the Japanese government 

July 7, 2021                          Submitted the public comments on the Voluntary National Review, which was partially


June 30, 2021                     Signed a joint open letter to G7 Trade Ministers HERE

June 15, 2021                      Submitted more than 70 thousand signatures to the Chief Cabinet Secretary and Ministry of

                                                   Economy, Trade and Industry to advocate for the elimination of child labour

 May 12, 2021                       Made a 2021 Action Pledge in the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

April 21, 2021                      Organized a multi-stakeholder meeting to discuss actions and possibilities for collaboration

                                                   during the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour in the Diet Member's

                                                   Building (parliament)

November 26, 2020        Organized a breakout session at the C20 2020 Summit, “Promoting CSO-Business-

                                                   Government Collaboration in the International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour

                                                   towards the Achievement of SDG 8.7” HERE

March 18, 2020                  Submitted public comments on the draft “National Action Plan on Business and Human                                                                   Rights”

January 23, 2020             Submitted public comments on the draft “Implementation Plan on SDGs (outline)”

December 21, 2019           Submitted public comments on “the Fundamental Principles regarding Anti-child Poverty                                                             Measures"

November 25-27, 2019   Participated in the 2019 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights in Geneva

November 14, 2019           Organized a film event “The Price of Free” in the Diet Member's Building (parliament) on                                                                  the 100 Million Campaign’s Global Day of Action conducted by the Kailash Satyarthi                                                                            Children’s  Foundation

October 26, 2019               Organized a seminar on “Reducing the risks of human rights violation in supply chains”                                                                   inviting the Associate Deputy Undersecretary of the International Labour Affairs Bureau at                                                         the U.S. Department of Labour, in the Diet Member's Building (parliament)

October 18, 2019                Raised awareness regarding NHK's documentary “The situation of children of foreign                                                                      workers: behind the increase in its numbers”

September 2, 2019           Organized the third SDG 8.7 Dialogue in Matsuyama for the G20 Labour and Employment                                                                Ministers’ Meeting. Read about our SDG 8.7 Dialogues HERE

                                                  ★Commitment to the elimination of child labour was included in the Ministerial Declaration

August 27, 2019                  Organized a side event on the “Cooperation between NGOs and Governments to Realize Child                                                      Rights of Agriculture in West Africa,” at the Seventh Tokyo International Conference on                                                                  African Development (TICAD) in Yokohama

July 17, 2019                         G20 Osaka Leaders’ Declaration

                                                   ★Commitment to the elimination of child labour was included in the Leaders’ Declaration

July 9-18, 2019                    Participated in the High Level Political Forum 2019 in New York

May 14-15, 2019                   Participated in the Second Global Meeting of the Alliance 8.7 Action Group on Supply Chains                                                       in Abidjan

April 23, 2019                       Organized the second SDG 8.7 Dialogue at Hotel New Ohtani Tokyo for the Second G20                                                                    Employment Working Group Meeting. Read about our SDG 8.7 Dialogues HERE

April 20-21, 2019                Supported the organization of the C20 Summit Tokyo

                                                   ★ACE president, Yuka Iwatsuki presented the Policy Pack 2019 to the Prime Minister Shinzo                                                       Abe, as the Chair of C20 Japan 2019. Read more HERE

February 27, 2019              Organized the First SDG 8.7 Dialogue in the Diet Member's Building (parliament), for the                                                                  First G20 Employment Working Group Meeting. Read about our SDG 8.7 Dialogues HERE

February 19, 2019              Made public comments on “The report on the base-line study on business and human rights”

February 18-19, 2019        Contributed to organizing the C20 Preparatory Face-to-Face Meeting

December 3-5, 2018        Participated in the 2018 Freedom from Slavery Forum in Bangkok

June 18, 2018                       Organized a seminar, “Child labour exists in Japan”, in the Diet Member's Building (parliament)

January 10, 2018                Made a statement on the death of a fifteen-year-old Japanese child labourer

                                                    Statement on the death of fifteen-year-old Japanese child laborer (January, 2018)

November 14-16, 2017     Participated in the Fourth Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour                                                           in Buenos Aires

September 12-13, 2017   Participated in the NGO Forum - Alliance 8.7 in London

May 13, 2016                         Co-organized a roundtable meeting on SDG 8.7 with the Child Labor Coalition (U.S.) in Tokyo,                                                        with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Kailash Satyarthi. Summary Report on the Roundtable                                                                Meeting: Strategies to End Child Labour by 2025 (SDG Target 8.7)