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ACE holds international SDG 8.7 Stakeholder Dialogues

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Leading up to the G20 summit, ACE organised a series of cross-sector roundtables, advocating directly to decision makers for the elimination of child labour to be included in the outcome documents.

The sessions were attended by representatives from eight countries, including the U.S. and Argentina, and international bodies including the EU, ILO, and OECD. Japanese government officials of the Working Group for Labour and Employment and representatives of Japanese bodies including RENGO (the Japanese Trade Union Confederation) and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) also participated.

FIRST SESSION - February 2019

The First Dialogue was held at the House of Councillors Hall with 25 representatives from eight countries, and international bodies including the EU, ILO, and OECD. After ACE presented its policy recommendations regarding business and human rights (including on the elimination of child labour), we facilitated a candid discussion on best practices and policies. 


The Second Dialogue was held at Hotel New Ohtani in Tokyo and boasted an impressive turnout with a total of 44 representatives attending. It was sponsored by Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, LIFULL Foundation, and The Japan Times. You can read more about our second session here as it was covered by the Japan Times.

THIRD SESSION - September 2019

ILO officials explained their newly published report Ending Child Labour, Forced Labour and Human Trafficking in Global Supply Chains and responded to participants' questions. Following discussions, we identified the lack of data on child labour as a key challenge and discussed how to strategically use the report to get businesses to implement the changes necessary to eliminate the child labour within their supply chains. Nonetheless, one clear sign of progress we were able to acknowledge and celebrate was the near universal ratification of the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention (ILO No.182) .

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C20 2019 Policy Pack

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Ending child labour is one of our core strategic goals.

We believe that achieving this goal in the long-term requires addressing every level of the global supply chain. As such, we operate through international cooperation, supporting rural communities in Asia and Africa, collaborating with private corporations, and engaging in consumer education.

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