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Every child should have the right to play, learn, grow.

Your donation supports our mission to withdraw children from child labour and support their quality education. To see the smiles on children's faces everywhere.


PEACE India Project

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PEACE India withdraws children from hazardous work in the cotton fields.

Support children to get access to quality education, and help youth who missed their chance to go to school to receive basic educational training and vocational training to become financially independent and escape the poverty cycle.


SMILE Ghana Project

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SMILE Ghana withdraws children from hazardous work on cacao farms.


Support children to get access to quality education, support their own empowerment as well as their families and  communities ability to independently protect the rights of children and youth after the end of the project. 


Children's Smiles Everywhere

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Support children everywhere.

Play, learn, grow. These should be things that that are taken for granted for every child everywhere. We know this is not the case. Help us protect these rights so that every child can enjoy a childhood, shape their own lives and build a society of their own free will. 

Laxmi was able to attend school for the first time when PEACE India began operations in her village. Read her story here

Godfred was just 10 years old when ACE first met him and supported his re-entry into school. He is now attending university to fulfil his dream of becoming a doctor. 

Read his story here


There are approximately 152 million children across the globe that are involved in child labour and denied an education.  Get informed about child labour  here

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