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"I LOVE SCHOOL!" Children are coming back to school

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for your warm support for ACE's activities. My name is Yuki Akahori, a staff member in charge of Ghana.

The Smile Ghana Project provides free school supplies and uniforms to children from economically disadvantaged families who are at high risk of engaging in child labor. In this report, we report on the children and their families who received the school supplies last June (2021) and what has happened since then.

The conditions of the families and the children living in those families vary, but we have seen families prioritize their children's education even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Please take a look at the stories of these three children and their families.

Recent update from Ghana: Start of the rainy season and rising prices

Japan is in the midst of seasonal changes, with chilly and warm temperatures. Whereas in Ghana, it is a season of blessings and joy, but the worrisome news is that the high cost of living in Ghana continues to rise. According to news reports, this is the highest rate of increase since the founding of Ghana. Prices rose 23.6% in April, and transportation fees, food prices, and utility bills have risen sharply, making life difficult for cacao farmers and other ordinary citizens. The cost of gasoline for vehicles used to travel to aid areas is also rising, and the cost of project activities is also being constricted. The exchange rate has also worsened, and Ghana's currency (the Ghanaian cedi) is now the most depreciated currency among African countries.

Arya and her family

Arya (pseudonym) is in the fourth grade of elementary school and lives with her mother who is in her late 60s. Her school teacher compliments Arya on her punctuality and regular attendance at school, even though her home is far from the elementary school in her village. Arya excelled in her class and was selected to participate in a school quiz competition (in which two elementary schools in the project's support area compete against each other) at an event held in June 2021 to eliminate child labour.

Arya dreams of becoming a school teacher in the future. Her mother is grateful for Arya's support for a set of school supplies and said, "I am interested in my daughter's education and regularly attend PTA meetings."

You can continue to read the entire text on the webpage of the Global Giving.

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