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Updated: Dec 27, 2021

We are a Japanese NGO active in international advocacy to protect children from exploitation across the globe. ACE aims to transform the world into a place where all children and youths are free to shape their own lives and capable of building a society that they want to live in. Ending child labour is one of our core strategic goals. We believe that achieving this goal in the long-term requires addressing every level of the global supply chain. As such, we operate through international cooperation, supporting rural communities in Asia and Africa, collaborating with private corporations, and engaging in consumer education.

Our Happy Chocolate Project aims to solve child labour in Ghana's cocoa industry by promoting change through collective action by diverse stakeholders. In Ghana, we have been operating our community-based project to tackle child labour in cocoa regions since 2009. We extended our work to establish the "Child Labour Free Zones (CLFZs)" system in collaboration with the Ghanaian government since 2018, based on our success and experiences in community-based projects. We are currently conducting the research project commissioned by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to test the CLFZs system in Ghana. In Japan, we are promoting industry-wide initiatives through a Sustainable Cacao Platform for Developing Countries that was launched also by JICA in 2020 involving chocolate companies and the entire cacao industry. We plan to further promote collaboration with sustainable cacao platforms in other countries. We are looking for a team member who will work together to reach our common goal by building relationships with stakeholders in Japan and overseas.

Position Title

Program Coordinator (English/Japanese)

Role Summary

Program coordination, Research, Consulting in Chocolate Project

Role Descriptions

Initiate and facilitate collective actions within the multi-stakeholders addressing child labour in cacao industries through the Chocolate Project.

- Have series of dialogues and develop collective actions with multi-stakeholders such as domestic/international companies, government officials, international organizations, and NGOs and mobilize the best resources necessary to implement actions.

- Research and analysis on policies and interventions on sustainability issues in cacao including child labour by chocolate industry, international organizations, NGOs, etc.

-Project monitoring and management by using the Theory of Change (TOC)

- Develop project reports to relevant parties.

Expected Outcome

Develop collaboration and cooperation with various organizations and/or stakeholders under ACE’s Happy Chocolate Project.

Ideal Candidate Profile

-Good at rapport building with people who have different cultural backgrounds or views.

-Be able to identify the unsaid needs or issues through dialogue.

-Good at coordinating the stakeholders and establishing consensus.

-Have knowledge about systems thinking to solve problems structurally.

-Have self-discipline and be able to work on your own.


-Must understand and agree ACE’s mission, purpose, and philosophy.

-3 years or more working experiences in related field of work

-Should be able to communicate in Japanese (verbal and written).

‐Should be able to go overseas business trip (2~3 times a year).

‐Experiences in new business development are a plus.

‐Experiences in marketing or public relations are a plus.

‐Should have good Internet environment at home or at your work place.

‐Must read, understand, and agree “ACE’s Safeguarding Policy for Children and Youths”. You will be asked to sigh this policy upon hiring.

Type of Employment

Full-time (4 days or 5 days a week)

*Other types of employment are negotiable.

Main Place of Work

‐ Telework (We closed down our office on July 2020.)

‐ Overseas business trip (1~3 times a year)

- In-house meeting or training in Tokyo (1~2 times a year)

- Working from outside of Japan is negotiable.

Work Hours

9:00~18:00 (1 hour break time included)

-Work hours could be volatile according to corresponding with overseas parties.

- Flexible Time System applicable

Salary and Benefits

- To be determined based on our salary system

- Transport expenses

- Social Insurance, Employment Insurance

Holidays and Leaves

‐ Two days off every week (Saturday and Sunday)

- National Holidays - Paid leaves (based on Labor Standards Act) - Paid summer holidays(3 days a year) - Year and through New Year holiday (5 days a year) - Special leaves (maternity leave, childcare leave, Condolence Leave, nursing leave)

* Could be asked to attend events on weekends or national holidays

Start from

April 2022 with 3 months’ probation

Screening process

Interviews (zoom/in-person) will be conducted after application

How to apply

Send the following documents to

-English or Japanese resume (your picture must be attached)

-Statement of purpose (1 page in A4 / letter size)

-Certifications that indicate your Japanese ability (if you have any)

Application Deadline

January 19, 2022

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